Top 5 Best Telescopic Fishing Rods in 2024

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Telescopic fishing rods are a terrific method to always be ready to fish. They are compact, light, and easy to store. Keeping one in your vehicle or car is always suitable for when you pass some fishy water. A decent telescopic rod should be hard to discern from a regular rod. These models have modulus carbon blanks, quality guides, and comfy reel seats like their one-piece cousins. However, many gimmicks exist, so picking the best for You can be challenging.

Therefore, today, we’ll take you through the best telescopic rods you can try in 2024. Here are some of the most excellent telescopic fishing rods for various forms of angling.

FISH RIG MAX TELE (The only Baitcast-Spin telescopic rod in the world)

Unleash your fishing versatility with the Fish Rig Max Tele, the world’s only telescopic rod that tackles baitcasting and spin fishing. This travel fishing rod can be folded to only 54cm but will expand to a maximum of 240cm or 210cm to meet virtually any need. Designed in such a micro-trigger way, it ensures comfort and control and comes in three changing tips to give you the best cast weights possible, from 15g to 50g. Whether it’s a freshwater or saltwater trek, this Fish Rig Max Tele can handle it all, equipped with a carbon-blend, high modulus for exceptional strength, and hybrid silicone-lined eyes. Moreover, it is packaged with a sturdy Cordura Cover for the bag to ensure safe and hassle-free transport.

K-Fish Telescopic Fishing Rod Spinning Pole

The telescopic fishing rod spinning pole is intended to offer a great choice for children, beginners, and women. It has a hi-glass epoxy, solid fibreglass tips, ceramic guides, and the reel option with an ergonomic graphite seat. Plus, the rod is lightweight and can be used to fish carp with spinning and luring techniques, bass spinning and bait, coarse fishing, lure fishing, travel fishing, and even fishing abroad. Such a method is ideal for beginner anglers. It is a high-quality and inexpensive fishing kit.

K-Fish Fishing Rod

The K-FISH Fishing Kit is a 6ft (2m) spin pole which can catch saltwater and freshwater fishes. This option will be better for the more experienced anglers, kids and beginners. The kit mainly contains epoxy-coated hi-glass, ceramic guides, and a graphite reel seat. The rod is perfectly balanced and resistant. Consequently, it is the best choice for spinning, attracting lures, bass, carp and travel fishing. The K-FISH is a British firm in Kendal, UK, that intends to propose first-class, inexpensive fishing equipment and teaching for beginners and kids learning the sport. It is a critical piece in the puzzle if one wants to start fishing or improve fishing skills equally.

K-Fish Fishing Rod Reel with Line 

This fishing set includes a 6ft spin rod pole and a British-designed telescopic fishing rod, perfect for everyone. The rod is well-balanced and lightweight, with an epoxy-coated hi-glass, ceramic guides, and graphite reel seat. The 200-size reel with a 6lb line is also included, featuring a 5.1.1 ratio line retrieve, left or right wind, collapsible handle, anti-reverse, automatic bail arm, and front drag control. This rugged, durable rod and reel are perfect for spinning, luring bass, carp, spinning, bait, LRF, coarse, bass, and travel fishing. The set is designed to be a great starting point for anyone looking to start fishing.


Hit the road and reel in an adventure with the Go Anywhere Fish Everywhere fishing rod. This ultra-lightweight (just 90g!) The telescopic wonder collapses to a compact 49cm for easy transport, then extends to 1.8m (5” 11″) or 1.6m (5 ‘5’ 4″) to tackle any spot. Built with a high-modulus carbon blank for impressive strength, it boasts two interchangeable tips for handling lures from 15g to 30g. Silicone-lined eyes ensure smooth fishing for both spin and baitcast styles. A stylish Cordura carry case with a long shoulder strap makes it your perfect fishing companion.


Telescopic fishing rods, a one-size-fits-all option for fishing, are compact and can be used in various situations. They are small and light, easy to carry around, and fit into storage, making them the best tool for fishing when travelling and on impulse. Amongst the models, there are many options, each offering more features and benefits than the next. The Fish Rig Max Tele is the only telescopic rod designed explicitly for bait caster and spin fishing. The K-Fish telescopic rods and combos are designed for beginners and have a wide range of different types of fishing. The Go Anywhere Fish Everywhere rod is excellent with its lightweight and collapsible nature, making it the perfect suit for on-the-go fishing adventures. Telescopic fishing rods, as a whole, give you practical and time-saving aid.

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