How to Become an Independent Construction Estimator in Arizona?

Construction estimator

The road to becoming a Construction Estimator is not an easy one. It requires hard work and commitment. The main duty of an estimator is to perform accurate calculations and come up with a cost budget. An estimator’s competency is judged by how accurate and precise this budget is. Estimators work for residential, commercial, and industrial buildings as well. If you have good analytical and mathematical skills, you can opt for a career in estimation.

Duties and Responsibilities of a Construction Estimator

An estimator has some responsibilities on his shoulders. It is important that these duties are taken seriously. If you wish to become a good cost estimator you need to play your part wholeheartedly. Positive reviews from the client will aid you in landing more jobs. Following are the duties you’ll own to a client during Construction Cost Estimation:

  • Forging financial plan for buildings
  • Takeoff Services
  • Providing an accurate timeframe for completion
  • Collaboration with designers and architects
  • Give helpful suggestions
  • Build relationships with clients

What Are the Skills Required to Become a Construction Estimator?

A skillset determines the capabilities of a person. They should be polished and refined. Following are some of the skills that a professional estimator should possess.

  • Good Observation
  • Analytical Skills
  • Time Management
  • Problem-Solving
  • Effective Communication
  • Technical Mathematical Skills

If you believe that an estimator is a good job for you, then dive right into this article to learn more!

How Does One Become a Freelance Construction Estimator in Arizona?

Follow this guide and learn how to become an independent estimator!

Obtain a Degree From a Credible Institution

The first step while embarking on the road to becoming a cost estimator is getting a degree. One needs to obtain a degree in either civil engineering or construction management. One must have a Bachelor’s Degree or should complete 3 years of college program. Having a relevant degree will attract more contractors or subcontractors to you.

Moreover, courses in accounting and economics will help you in making budget estimates for any construction plan. If you get an opportunity, you should go for these courses in undergraduate programs. Other business-related courses will also help in uplifting your qualifications. The first thing a contractor will ask is your qualifications regarding cost estimation.

Along with qualifications, having an extra set of skills won’t be harmful. You can learn how to operate software such as Excel, BlueBeam, or any construction-relevant software. This will help you in the long run. A construction estimator needs to be adept in using these technological tools.

Attaining Valid Certification

Certification for construction estimators can aid in establishing and advancing your career. Contractors are more content with hiring a freelancer who has the proper certification to back up his expertise. To gain certification, you need approximately 5-8 years of experience. Depending upon the certification board’s requirements. After passing their exam, a construction estimator becomes eligible for certification. SMA Estimating LLC has a qualified and certified team of professionals. They can promote efficiency in your project.

Importance of Practical Work Experience

In Arizona, there are internships available where you can gain the necessary experience. Although bookish knowledge is important, but one cannot deny the significance of practical work. Internships will provide you with an opportunity to apply what you previously learned in books. Sometimes, there can be a difference in theory and application. Work experience will no doubt make you ready for future jobs. So do explore these internships so you can gain more information about the construction project. The more experience, the better you are going to be at managing projects. Experience helps sharpen problem-solving skills.

Establishing a Network

Internships and experience not only broaden your view but also help in gaining clients. For a freelance construction estimator, having a strong network is very important. It helps establish a client base and more people hire you for estimation jobs. Internships can connect you with different people who are interested in the same field. These connections will be helpful for you when you are searching for jobs. Construction Estimation has a lot of competition so it’s vital to make your place in the field.


To sum it up, to be an independent Construction estimator an individual must have all the legal degrees and certifications. Secondly, he must have a basic knowledge of cost estimations. As in how to achieve accuracy in calculations. Only by achieving field experience can one master a task. Therefore it is important to gain field experience. This can be done by indulging yourself in freelance work. Affiliate yourself with estimation work in the field. Construction is an ever-evolving industry. If you want to become an independent estimator, you must be adaptable and keen to learn.

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