From Art to History: Top 10 Museums to Explore in Las Vegas

Holidays to Las Vegas

This city is the most favourits destination in the world. This is a good opportunity to visit amazing historical places in Las Vegas.  Are you willing to plan a trip to Las Vegas? And do you like to visit museums? If yes Look no further than Las Vegas. There are world-famous museums in the city that you can explore during your Holidays to Las Vegas. This is a good opportunity visit different places and make priceless memories with your loved ones. Lets know about some amazing museums in las vegas in detail.

Neon Museum

This is an independent nonprofit museum in Las Vegas. It preserves and collects the iconic neon signs of Las Vegas there.  This is situated near the Golden Nugget and offers guided tours to the tourists. It also provides space for outdoor exhibitions. It displays approximately 250 signs and helps you to know how Las Vegas was in the past and how it is today. This is a good opportunity to visit this museum during holidays to Las Vegas.

The Bodies

Indeed, this is an incredible place to visit in Las Vegas. This is a unique human body exhibition where you can see thirteen bodies have been preserved to learn and know about every body part of the human. This exhibition is for educational purposes and some bodies are cut into two parts. This is a good place for adults or children above 13 years. This is a good way to learn how diseases can have a worse impact on our bodies. This is a perfect way to make your diet good to avoid organ damage. So, don’t forget to visit this exhibition when you come on holidays to Las Vegas.

Mob Museum

This museum is situated in downtown Las Vegas. This is a nonprofit organization. Its main purpose is  the better understanding of crimes to the public. In this way, you can explore the dark side of old Vegas. You can know about mobsters and law enforcers as well. Interestingly, you get a cocktail free on your entry ticket.  This is a must-see destination during your holidays to Las Vegas.

Origen museum

This museum is situated in the spring preserve complex where everybody can enjoy watching the natural history. You can watch the natural history of the Nevada desert by sitting in a theater over there. You can watch animals from Close thriving in the desert. You can also watch other things such as dinosaur tracks and the Hoover Dam exhibit. If there is no scorching sun you can visit botanical gardens near the desert. Don’t miss this opportunity to visit this stunning place on your holidays to Las vegas.

Nevada State Railroad Museum

It is located in Carson City which preserves railroad heritage. People can take a ride on a passenger train. You can enjoy these trips solely on weekends. For a visit, you can come during the week as well. This is indeed an amazing opportunity to visit this place to learn about the history of Las Vegas, specifically about Hoover Dam. Holidays to Las Vegas allow you to visit many places.

National Atomic Testing Museum

This is a perfect place to visit for those who are interested in history. You can learn about the history of atomic energy there. It remains open seven days a week. This is a better opportunity to learn about the nuclear Nevada history at the National Atomic Testing Museum. It can be possible  due to the holidays to Las Vegas. You can also find video footage of actual atomic bomb tests in some parts of the museum. It’s a once in a lifetime experience and a unique opportunity for history buffs.

Hollywood cars museum

Many vehicles are displayed in this museum. most of them are original while some are replicas as well. These cars were used in films, television, and pop culture. This is indeed a great place to visit for vehicle lovers. This museum is home to more than 100 cars of different types and models. One of the cars displayed there was used in the Harry Potter movie. Get ready to visit this exciting place during the holidays to Las Vegas with your loved ones.

Accommodation options

Las Vegas offers its tourists numerous lodging options. One of the famous resorts in Las Vegas is Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort. While, some people choose All Inclusive holidays to Las Vegas and stay at all-inclusive resorts. It depends on your choice and budget and you can easily rent a room anywhere easily. If you want a trip to vegas on a budget you have an option to stay at guesthouses of middle range hotels.

Final Thoughts

Summing it up, holidays to Las Vegas offer you an amazing opportunity to visit several museums in the city. So. Are you excited about this trip?

Indeed, this is a good opportunity for you to learn about the history of Las Vegas. You can estimate how it was in the past and how it is in the present. So, do not miss this opportunity to visit museums whenever you come to Las vegas.


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